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Date: _____________________ Buyer:_______________________________ Phone: __________________________________ Email Address____________________ Address:________________________________________________________________________ City:____________________________________ State:_______________ Zip:_______________ Cat/Kitten Sex:______________ Color:__________________________________________ Breed:___________________ Born: Dam:_______________ Sir:__________________ Litter Registration # ____________________. Sold as ( check one) Pet ( no breeding rights)______ Breeder_________ With Breeding rights. ** Pat Whitson (seller) agrees to sell to buyer, the kitten(s) described above for the price of $____________each. Which includes a non- refundable deposit of $____________each. Balance Paid on date ___________, after 8 weeks of age. ** Unless otherwise stated above, this kitten is intended to be a household pet. **Neutering or spaying Required between 4 months of age, and no later than 7 months of age. ** The Kitten(s) should weigh at least 4-5 pounds before having Surgery.


All Bengal Sales Of Agreement.
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